Waters Marine Pty Ltd is a Certified Quality Assured Company for ISO 9001 2008.

Underwater Welding 

Welding underwater can be achieved by reversing the polarity of a DC welder. The diver uses an underwater welding hand piece and underwater welding rods. A knife switch must also be used to allow the diver to change rods or adjust position with the power disconnected. The same set up is also used for underwater cutting, using thermic lance rods.
The diver must be well insulated with a full wetsuit, gloves, and diver’s helmet. The diver must also ensure he is not in between the earth and the welding handpiece. Even with all this in place the diver will still feel very small shocks, and electrical current running through the water.
Waters Marine has used underwater welding to weld anodes on to ships and barges, weld fitting to pipes to stop leakages, and even for effects in films and television. The majority of work however is usually cutting old steel structures such as piles and pipes to remove them fr
om the water.
ROV Operators and Equipment
Installing pipes, fittings, risers and valves in or above water.
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