Waters Marine Pty Ltd is a Certified Quality Assured Company for ISO 9001 2008.

Underwater Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV)

The term ROV means Remotely Operated Vehicle. ROVís are popularly used for underwater projects, where they are tethered to the surface, and controlled by a ROV pilot. . ROVís are particularly useful because they have no depth restrictions which may limit divers, no depth time limitations, ability to enter dangerous and small spaces or contaminated water, and very good quality video.
Waters Marine has been using a Video Ray Pro 4 unit for the past two years, to inspect pipes, water tanks and other structures in dams and rivers throughout Queensland and New South Wales. We can provide a DVD of the inspection as soon as the inspection is complete for the clientís records.
Waters Marineís ROV can reach depths of 300 metres. It has two high quality video cameras with still capability, adjustable lighting, two forward thrusters and one depth thruster. A manipulator arm at the front of the ROV can hold small items when found on the sea bed, or attach tools such as probes and
metal thickness gauges. Sonar can also be fitted for low visibility water.
Installing pipes, fittings, risers and valves in or above water.
Waters Marine has used underwater welding to weld anodes on to ships and barges
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