Waters Marine Pty Ltd is a Certified Quality Assured Company for ISO 9001 2008.

Underwater Construction Diving

Waters Marine is experienced in all facets of marine based construction. With qualified commercial divers, surveyed vessels and specialist equipment we can complete any task required.
With our workshop facilites and in field experience, we can fabricate, supply and install a large range of fixtures and fittings. For some of our new innovative products, check our products page.
Our current client list covers the east coast of Australia and up to 600 kilometres inland, so we are tailored for travelling. Our equipment is easily mobilised for construction work in any location. We have surveyed vessels suited to al types of jobs – big or small.
Waters Marine is an innovative company, committed to providing best practice and continuous improvement, ensuring we remain the preferred marine contractor for our clients.
ROV Operators and Equipment
Waters Marine has used underwater welding to weld anodes on to ships and barges.
Contamination Diving
Diving in contaminated environments requiring protection of the diver from harmful substances.
Underwater cutting of metal and timber structures and pipes is possible with air/hydraulic tools and broco.
Using air lift bags, or rigging for cranes and barges, divers are able to recover objects from underwater.
Dredging and Jetting
Removal of material from intake areas or structures for clearing or further remedial work.
Provision of divers, diving equipment, vessels and water based animatronics.
Divers are used to clean growth and debris from underwater screens and intakes.
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